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  • 308/365; #9

    Second post of the day! This is Nabihah!

    1. Always happy for the little stuffs. Here’s her grinning widely after beating the queue for some Malaysian food (which is quite hard to find here in Cork)
    2. Always a wonder how easy it is for her to make new friends and chat about with other people.
    3. She always have something inspiring to say about other people. Follow her on her tumblr UNVEIL. and see how the world is through her eyes.

    308/365; #8

    Not feeling well yesterday so I missed to post a pic. So here’s to make up for that my “SIFU”, Fendi

    1. One of the nicest person I know. Look at that smile. Never seen him without the smile.
    2. Always seen him doing something for others without being asked. Hats off to you sifu :D
    3. Has a car. So thanks for letting us borrow your car on a regular basis. For a car-less student that is always a godsend.

    308/365; #6

    This dude with the big smile is Firdaus or some of us call him “Bapak” or dad in the Malay language. Here’s why

    1. Act like your typical Malaysian dad sometimes. wearing sarong (google that), a hot teh tarik (milk tea) in one hand and a newspaper in another. And generally talking like a middle-aged man. 
    2. Loves my cat a little bit tooo much. :|
    3. My photographer buddy! this photo was taken on our latest photography trip to Blarney Castle in Ireland.

    308/365; #5

    The 5th day and I’m already a bit late on posting the images. So here’s Bazy trying to act like a model by the side of the Lee River, Cork.

    1. She can make an awesome cup of coffee. But she’s too lazy so we usually get some from Gloria Jeans.
    2. Random dancing in front of any mirror she can find. ~(^,^)~
    3. Dislikes: High places. We took her up a ferris wheel once and all hell ensues. Makes for a funny thing to watch nonetheless :p.

    308/365; #4

    The 4th day and I haven’t miss any day of posting photos yet and this is a good sign of things to come. So without further ado let me introduce this lovely lady Nadd.

    1. Totally random at times (She asked me for a chicken rice once at 3 in the morning) but thats part of the charm. You’ll never get bored.
    2. Can do this crooked mouth expression thing that I cannot do no matter how much I try. :\
    3. Loves Ribena (the grape juice drink) with a passion.

    308/365; #3

    Here’s Mus or as I call him Mustachios.

    1. This dude is one of my most fabulous friend. I wonder why he study medicine as he could as well be an awesome fashion designer. But he make an awesome med student as well.
    2. His can make delicious cakes. Though he would throw some of it out if he think it is not good enough. Bye2 cake T.T
    3. You’ll know he likes you when he starts talking all about fashion with you so you’ve been warned! :D

    p/s: That’s not his real hair 

    308/365; #1

    I has been thinking of doing a 365 Day Photo Project for a while but due to busy schedule (read; lazy) I found myself at the end of february.

    However I won’t let that stop me as I’ve just got the idea on what to put for my 365 (308) Project. Starting from this day and hopefully everyday for the rest of the year I will post at least one photo of my friends and I’ll even put in 3 things to comment about that friends.

    So hopefully this project will make me think more of the friends around me and in the long run help me to make new friends so I can post more pictures here.

    With that said lets start the first one with the photo of myself. This image was taken last December during my winter holiday in Alsace, France. So three things to say here:

    1. My cheeks are getting fluffier
    2. Same can be said to my belly
    3. I am totally fine with that :D 
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